Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition

As financial sponsor, the Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition will be sponsoring the financial oversight, including use of their non-profit status and conducting the auditing of this conference. 


FORMERLY the Zero Suicide Inland Northwest Conference

"All new revolutions start with conversations.” —Dr. Paul Quinnett, founder of QPR

The Zero Suicide - Inland Northwest community invested in this conversation, fed up with the cost in lives taken by suicide. The goal being to reach zero suicide in the greater Inland Northwest (eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana) by advocating for education and training throughout our communities and by bringing the newest thinking on safe suicide care from around the United States to our three-state region. 

In the Inland Northwest, achieving zero suicide will require that we avoid re-inventing the wheel and instead look to local, regional, and national successes. We’ll need to put our grief and loss to work, to network with each other, secure resources, provide broad-based trainings, and mobilize our communities. We’ll need to focus on settings where risks are higher including our courts, jails, juvenile justice settings, law enforcement, and worksites. 

Gonzaga University hosted the Zero Suicide Inland Northwest Conferences in 2015 & 2016.